Enjoy every day!

Daily is a brand that includes lunch restaurants, cafés, and diners in Latvia and Estonia, which serve tens of thousands of people every day. We provide our services to company employees, students, and in schools, kindergartens, and care centres.

We create our recipes in collaboration with nutrition specialists, therefore the offer is diverse, balanced, and provides everything a human body needs. We do not use flavour enhancers, preservatives, and colourings. Vegetarian dishes are rich in plant-based protein.

We pursue quality and we mean it. The Daily logo is not an advertisement. It is a signature that affirms – we like our job and we take responsibility for it. Welcome to breakfast, lunch, and supper! The name of the mealtime does not really matter. What is important is the opportunity to receive the dose of energy necessary to carry on and fulfill your goals.


We offer our services anyplace that is accessible by our transport. A warm meal for your employees every day or at sports or an entertainment event; we can also take care of the tableware and furniture. We can be proud of not only food but a whole ton of salt that we have spent during the twenty years of delivering food. In order to find more about contract-delivery from Daily, contact us at info@daily.lv


A special event requires an accordingly prepared place, special clothing, music, and special guests. But most of all, it requires a special meal. Nothing creates a holiday feeling as good as food that is different from what is usual, made of valuable products, and served in a way that makes it look tempting or surprising. We are ready for both small parties and magnificent celebration. Our recipe book is as thick as “War and Peace”, and experience as thorough. If you wish Daily to provide food services at your banquet, contact us at banketi@daily.lv

Catering at large events

Daily is probably the go-to brand when it comes to experience with catering at large events in the Baltics. Here are just a couple of examples. Song and dance festival in Latvia and Estonia, 35th International Hansa days in Viljandi, Estonia. If you plan on something large, our answer will be worthy of your intention: positive collaboration, peace of mind, and a guaranteed result. Contact us at info@daily.lv


Each day is a holiday for someone. Buns, large pretzels, and cakes baked by our craftsmen will make any day a celebration. To make an order ask any Daily staff member!

Support for Ukraine

Together with other brands of our group we have been and will continue to participate in support actions for the defenders of Ukraine. We are grateful to everyone who took part! Our total aid since February 2022 is several hundred thousands of euros. Read here more about what we have done and what we are going to do.