Taste the healthiness!

We all know the tale about the large turnip, but many of us have not only never tasted meals with turnip, but also do not know how it actually looks. In fact, turnips, black radish, rutabaga and other healthy vegetables are still cultivated in Latvia, but they have slightly fallen out of fashion. If every now and then we replace potatoes with these vegetables, we can diversify our menu both in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

That is why Daily in cooperation with “Ezerkauliņi” farmers, vegetable supplier “Mūsmāju dārzeņi” and nutrition specialists from “OnPlate” are organizing Latvian vegetable days, during which pupils will be able to taste less known vegetables and vote for them, as well as take part in interactive lessons hosted by “OnPlate” specialists. Vegetables that win the vote will be included in the menus more often.